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Visit us at the Lake Mary (Saturdays) and the Maitland (Sundays) Farmer's Markets!
Visit us at the Lake Mary (Saturdays) and the Maitland (Sundays) Farmer's Markets!

Cross 3D Illusion Laser Art

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$45.00 - $45.00
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Introducing our captivating 3D Illusion Cross laser art, meticulously crafted on 3/4 inch poplar wood to serve as a powerful symbol of faith and connection. The height is 14.5 inches with a width of 10.25 inches. This striking piece not only catches the eye but also ignites meaningful conversations about the profound bond between humanity and the divine.

At the heart of the design lies Christ, the bridge between us and God the Father, portrayed with stunning clarity and depth. Whether adorning the walls of your home or adding a touch of reverence to your office space, this art piece serves as a constant reminder of the unbreakable connection we share with God.

Each art piece is meticulously made to order, ensuring that no two are exactly alike, with unique wood grain and subtle color variations adding to its charm. Please allow one week for production time before your creation is ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

Embrace the timeless beauty and spiritual significance of the cross with our exquisite 3D Illusion Cross laser art, and let its presence inspire and uplift your surroundings with the sacred essence of faith and devotion.